Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

Our goal is to ensure LindSky is a long-term, sustainable business delivering value to all our stakeholders: our clients, our people, our suppliers, our shareholders and the community.

The high level of service we deliver is achieved through close long-term relationships with our clients and our suppliers. Carefully and actively listening to our clients allows us to analyse and build the business processes required for successful engagement.

Our staff members are all passionate about aviation and proudly commit themselves, heart and soul, to their work. While working in the aviation field drives them in everything they do, it also ensures our clients receive more than they expect and are able to experience and appreciate just how unique the aviation world truly is.

As aviation produces significant carbon emissions that have environmental consequences, we work with our clients, our suppliers and our service partners to continuously monitor and review the impact of our operations. Our group is committed to reducing its carbon footprint year after year by employing newer and better technology and methods.

When LindSky was initially established as a family business, sustainability and corporate social responsibility were an integral part of our vision, mission and values. They remain a priority as we develop into a global company. Our management team consists of three professionals with a passion for flying. CEO Gamal Khaldi has a background in the business world. COO Gregory Jadin is a certified pilot. Last but not least, Axel Witsel, CMO, is a Belgian football player who saw LindSky as a means of turning a lifelong fascination with flying and airplanes into a reality. We look forward to helping you do exactly the same.


Yours faithfully,


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