In the European Union, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is the authority for anything to do with aviation. They advise and help legislators to develop laws and rules to ensure aviation is as safe as possible. EASA plays a part in approving the content and requirements of various certifications in the aviation world, including our own pilot training courses. But just as important is their endorsement of other aspects critical to safe aviation, such as maintenance and repair services. As we live up to the stringent requirements set by EASA, they have fully licenced us to perform inspection services on a wide range of different aircraft. You too can turn to us for reliable maintenance and repair services. You’ll benefit from our own commitment to aviation safety, our extensive experience and our friendly customer service. Put your confidence, faith and trust in us for all your aircraft maintenance needs.

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Job opening: Aircraft Mechanic

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For the daily maintenance of our client’s aircraft fleet, LindSky Aviation Technics is looking for a Licensed Aircraft Engineer. You will rely on a various and challenging range of duties to which you are responsible […]