It’s only natural that you should want to enjoy your flying experience. But you might find certain questions distracting you when you’re in the air. When is your aircraft due for its next overhaul? How many more flight hours do you have up your sleeve before a service is due? And although you know it’s not a problem, the strange rattling sound you can hear is always enough to plague you with doubts you’re better off without.

LindSky have been performing maintenance and repairs on various types of aircraft for almost 30 years – we are a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO). This means we are able to perform all tasks related to flying, such as the maintenance and servicing of your aircraft.

Every individual pilot is responsible for the maintenance and safety requirements of an aircraft, but can still rely on LindSky to take care of them on their behalf. We create a programme to ensure you are always on top of your maintenance requirements, with services scheduled for the moment they are due. We make a follow up of every operation and plan maintenance, meaning you’ll have less to worry about!

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Job opening: Aircraft Mechanic

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For the daily maintenance of our client’s aircraft fleet, LindSky Aviation Technics is looking for a Licensed Aircraft Engineer. You will rely on a various and challenging range of duties to which you are responsible […]