Airbus A320 Type Rating (A319-320-321)

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Airbus A320 Type Rating (A319-320-321)

Have you ever wanted to sit at the helm of a passenger jet airliner? Is the next step in your career to become a fully-fledged commercial jet pilot? Successfully complete this course and you won’t just be qualified to perform as a pilot on Airbus aircraft, you’ll feel at home as you direct them into the skies.

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EASA stipulates that in the training elements for this type of aircraft, you must:

  • develop a thorough understanding of the operation, functioning and where appropriate, the abnormal and emergency operation of all aircraft systems;
  • pass an exam to demonstrate the level of theoretical knowledge required for the safe operation of the applicable aircraft type;
  • complete a minimum of 32 hours of FSTD flight simulator training programmed for the crew of a multi-pilot aeroplane, of which at least 16 hours should be in a FFS operating as a crew.

Upon completion of the flight training, you will also have to successfully complete a skills test with an examiner to demonstrate adequate competence in aircraft operation for the issue of the type rating.


For the first type rating course for a multi-pilot aeroplane, you need to:

  • have logged at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC on aeroplanes;
  • hold a multi-engine IR(A);
  • have passed the ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations;
  • hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of an MCC course in aeroplanes.

Download pdf for more information.

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