ATPL integrated course

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ATPL integrated course

The perfect course for anyone who has ever dreamt of flying!
This training combines the courses 1 to 7 of our complete training programme.

Key Training Elements

  • 750 Hours of Theoretical Courses
  • 260 Hours of Flight Training
  • 28 Hours of Boeing 737
  • 65 Hours of Diamond DA42
  • 7 Hours of Aerobatic Flight
  • 300 NM Navigation across Europe & USA

Key Success Factors

  • Airline Experienced Instructors
  • New Generation Aircraft & Simulator
  • Min. 35% more flight training than minima
  • You will have FAA & EASA experience
  • All training in English
  • Preparation for Airline Selection

Why LindSky?

Because our training philosophy is based on 4 principles:

  • Responsibility: Teach our students to act responsible.
  • Decision Making: Develop the skills to make the right decision when it matters.
  • Respect: Understand that respect is essential in the future career.
  • Discipline: Develop the right skillsto perform rigorous under stress.

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