Multi Crew Coördination – MCC

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Multi Crew Coördination – MCC

Are you ready to share the joys of flying with other professionals? Why not gain your qualification in multi-crew co-operation (MCC)? With this training course, you become proficient in multi-crew co-operation to ensure you can safely operate multi-pilot, multi-engine aircrafts under Instrument Flight Rules.

This means:

  • The pilot-in-command fulfils his managing and decision-making functions irrespective of whether he is PF or PNF.
  • The tasks of PF and PNF are clearly specified and distributed in such a manner that the PF can direct his full attention to the handling and control of the aircraft.
  • Co-operation is effected in an orderly manner appropriate to the normal, abnormal or emergency situations encountered.
  • Mutual supervision, information and support is ensured at all times.

Are you ready to tackle your MCC allowance? Would you like to know more about the course? Don’t hesitate to contact LindSky for further details!

Download pdf for more information.

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