Why LindSky

Why LindSky

LindSky is your partner for everything involved with flying:Being an integrated company we control the entire chain of operations. Private flightsPilot training , maintenance , parking  and even aircraft sales . Our proven track record and international reputation for high quality has made it possible to take this full package approach. With more than 30 years of experience and an unbeatable dedication to aviation, we have the insight and the know-how to deliver in every field.

Our dedicated staff has the same interest and passion for aviation as you, ensuring strong commitment and a friendly and enjoyable environment. Our crews go through simulator training and checks twice per year without exception. We have in place a Safety Management System (SMS) which takes a proactive approach to safety – striving to identify potential issues before they affect operations. With a relentless fixation on safety, LindSky adheres to the most rigorous safety standards in the world and surpasses the most demanding benchmarks set by multinational blue chip customer audits. LindSky flight crew and ground staff surpass stringent industry requirements. All aircrafts are maintained to rigorous European safety standards as set by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

We have proven to be a professional and flexible company by offering a tailored approach to our clients and their needs. We believe this is vital to developing trust and building long-term relationships. With personalised responses to your every request or demand, you can be sure you will receive nothing but quality service you can rely on.

Delivering the entire package, LindSky is the only contact you require for all your aviation needs.

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