Instrument Rating Course • Single Engine – IR-SEP

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Instrument Rating Course • Single Engine – IR-SEP

Are you ready to take your piloting skills to the next level? Are you worried about how you’ll find your way in case of severe weather conditions where visibility is poor? With the Instrument Rating course for single-engine aircraft, you’ll know how to find your way using instruments instead of external visual references. With the skills to operate under Instrument Flight Rules and in Instrument Meteorological Conditions, you’ll fly with complete confidence and proficiency.

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This course consists of two modules: the Basic Instrument Flight Module and the Procedural Instrument Flight Module. You can take them separately or combined. They meet minimum training programme requirements as set by the EASA.


Before applying for the Instrument Rating course, you need to have passed the PPL and be qualified to fly at night .

Download pdf for more information.

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